Waterton Lakes National Park, AB

Around 260 km south of Calgary or 120 km South West from Lethbridge, you can find Waterton Lakes National Park. It is close to Montana and USA border.

A popular location for visitors from Lethbridge, and somewhat popular for Calgarians. Main reason is distance. It takes around 3 hours of drive from Calgary to get there. We have read many good things about this park, and decided to visit it and make a review. We did over 530 KM in one day and it was worth the effort.


Visiting Waterton Lakes National Park

If you are planning to visit Waterton Lakes National Park, we suggest you stay there for few days.  Our trip to Waterton was only for one day, and it was a difficult trip for one day. Hours of driving, farmlands, no mountains like on the way through Canmore  to Lake Louise, country music, tractors and fields.  Make sure you have some music with you, or you will have to listen to few broken radio channels of country music  for few hours at least, unless it is something that you like.

We did not have enough time to fully enjoy the trip by visiting all the places in that region. We did have time to take photos, meet a bear and have some fun.



Road to Waterton Lakes National Park, farmlands, and country music on the radio. Once you are at your destination, there will be an entrance where you would have to get Canada Parks entrance ticket unless you already have one.

Red Rock Canyon.


This is the information board you will see right at the parking lot.





As you can see, Red Canyon was full of people, kids and families, it is a nice looking place. Although many other blogs are saying, it is uncrowded, this time it was the opposite.  Yet, it had a very spectacular sunset, with red sun due to forest fires and smoke.


Waterton Lakes, Waterfall.

On the other side of Red Canyon, hiking one KM into the forest, you will find a hidden waterfall.


Because this place is 1 KM away from the parking lot, this place was actually very quite and charming.  There are metal bridges, that take you out closer to waterfall, that makes this place even more awesome.


We liked this place for 3 main reasons:

  1. It is different from Canmore or Banff area, the nature, climate and atmosphere.
  2. Well planned hiking trails and awesome looking waterfall.
  3. Mars on Earth, Red Canyon.

Should you visit Waterton Lakes National Park?

It depends on your situation, we would say.


  1. You have been to Banff and have seeing all the places near that region and British Columbia.
  2. If you have enough time in Canada to visit all places.
  3. If you are from Lethbridge or Montana.


  1. You have only few days in Alberta – there are way more interesting trips you can have and places you can visit in less time, that are closer to Calgary.
  2. You do not like to travel far distances in the car.

Did we enjoy are trip?

Yes, it was fun, awesome and one less place to visit on our bucket list! And we have met a bear.




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