Short-Hike-at-Troll-Falls – Kananaskis Country.

Easy Hike to Troll Falls – Kananaskis Country.


Troll Falls Hiking Trail:

Troll Falls was some mysterious name to us when we found it on Google Maps!

We decided to give it a try and it was awesome hike! Simple, short, refreshing and close to Calgary.  Small animals, nice nature and photos.

This is how the Troll Falls Hiking Trail starts, surrounded by trees and forest, wild flowers, small river and mossy green stones.  Fresh, clean mountain air and sun.


River with a “wild” look, trees fallen into the water. Walking next to the river in the forest, listening to the sound of water, helps you forget about everything that is in the city life.

River close to Troll Falls River at Troll Falls

This is how it looks once you are in the area not covered by forest trees. Canadian Rockies.


Finally the sound of water dropping and a misty air blowing toward you, this means you are finally there. You will not see the waterfall, first comes the sound, the air and only then uncovers the beautiful waterfall.



We have also found this structure out of the wood! It was fun to see it next to the hiking trail. I had my Vloging setup on me when my wife took the photo.

Near-Troll-Falls Size of Troll Falls vs Human

Troll Falls Video.

I recommend you visit troll falls if you have time, it is totally worth it. Not too far away from Calgary, not hard to hike for people who are just starting to hike.

Great place to walk a dog! We have met a guy with his dog on this trail.

Good place to go with children and seniors, it will not be too hard for senior people to walk to the waterfall and they will enjoy it.

Easy Hike to Troll Falls – Kananaskis Country.

Toll Falls is only about 1.6 KM one way hike, short and nice hike for a family and kids. It is located 99 KM away from Calgary and has an easy access for cars.

There is about 10-30 meters elevation gain  that is in fact close to none.

Directions to Troll Falls: 

Have you been there already? Shear with us your story in the comments below!


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