Peru hiking trails to explore Inca architecture

Peru hiking trails to explore Inca architecture and their natural beauty!

Our adventure trip into mountains, canyons and their spectacular architecture. Explore how the Inca civilization adopted nature to build their cities.

Just like you, we decided to go to Peru as we were so intrigued by many travel bloggers. Peru is a country with ample diversity in its topographical features – from their vast coastline, to mountains and jungle.  We were fascinated to know more about this incredible country even before we landed in Peru!


Peru is one of those country whose history has mesmerized people for thousands of years. Interestingly, it still continues to do so until now.  Have you heard that some theories say that this is one of the countries that was visited by aliens? Well let’s just say that we wanted to check this fact too, haha!
Here are some of the interesting facts that made us book the flights and head straight to Peru!

  • One of the many South American “Sun Destinations for Canadians” that do not need travel visa
  • One of the top destinations to go on a low budget travel
  • Machu Picchu – Visit one of the 7 seven wonders in the world
  • Go on an adventure trip for less than 10 days [combining a long weekend JJ]

When you are 30 minutes away from Lima airport, you get to see this mesmerizing view of mountains and valleys! You cannot imagine the goosebumps to see this and thinking about the adventure that awaits you! Not to mention the proud feeling to get the window seat!!

As we had less than 20 days to spend we decided to mix and match our trip with a bit of adventure and that needed time to relax. In this post, you will get to know the beautiful trekking trails that we hiked to in a span of less than 10 days.

We’ve ranked these trails on the factors on beauty of natural terrain, its amazing view and the adventure it takes to conquer these treks.

Most of the hiking trails in Peru are open all year long except in February – it’s closed for maintenance.

Quiet Trails: –

The month from November to April, you can enjoy discreet serenity with less crowd but be prepared for showers. The trails may become slippery but the temperature still remains to an average of 180Celsius.

Peak Season: –

These are the winter months in Peru and are the dry seasons. It’s the most popular time to visit Inca Trails, Machu Picchu, Huayllabamba and Choquequirao trials. You would still experience warm climate with about 50% humidity.

  1. Inca trail To Machu Picchu

Hiking Inca trail to Machu Picchu

This is the most visited trail and is in everyone’s bucket list when visiting Peru. Note that the Peruvian government has limited this trail for a maximum of 500 hikers per day. So be sure to book the entrance ticket well in advance.

During the Inca times, this trail was used to store military resources, places where religious rituals were taken place and well known trade centre. They also used these trails for communication through message runners (known as chasqui) and transportation of goods by alpacas.

You will find yourself going through these valleys of incredible Andean scenic mountains. You will explore settlements, tunnels and ruins before completing your trek at Sun Gate. This Gate was one of the fortress and is one of the entrance to Machu Picchu. If you hike to this point early morning, you get to experience an early sun rise with its majestic view from this site. This is the first place that you can see the whole sanctuary of the Inca city.

  1. Pacaymayo / Warmiwañusca mountain pass

We camped overnight at Huayllabamba. There you get to see a panoramic view of Llaqtapata and Veronica, the only snow-capped mountain during the dry season. The Peruvian people believe that these two peaks are believed to take shape of a Princess and her lover (chancellor) who was banished into the mountain by the King during Inca rule. Its really inquisitive to know that during this civilization people used to worship nature, sun, moon and other planets as well.  Similarly, peaks of Llaqtapata and Veronica were also worshiped during those time to provide them protection from other enemies.

The next day was one of the most intense, we packed some extra sweets and bars for extra energy. The hike started from a peaceful walk through valley of Huayllabamba. You can feel the ecological change, once you trek from a highlands into a plateau. After a short break we went to accomplish the most challenging part of the day – defiant Warmiwañusca mountain pass (4,200 mt. / 13,799 ft.) We were completely amazed by the serene beauty of humming birds and beautiful wild flowers while passing through this trail.

  1. Choquequirao Trail trek

After camping near Apurimac river gorge, we started our hike by crossing the river over a pedestrian bridge to a small town called Marampampa. With a small ascend and wind caressing your body cool, we saw breath taking landscape on both sides of Apurimac canyon. After passing through the valley, we came to Choquequirao archaeological site. We visited through the main complex and exterior sites located in front of the canyon.

This place is more of a peaceful alternative for Inca trail. With the many ups and downs on this trail, it’s recommended for those only in good physical condition. This is one of the most fulfilling and less trodden track for your adventure trek.

  1. Marampampa/ Cocamasana Canyon Trail

After Choquequirao trek, we came back to Marampampa to setup our camp for rest. Next day began as we went down towards the river to the lowest and deepest part of the canyon. From there we hiked up to Cachora to find our next campsite. Our camp was setup with a stunning view of the canyon located in Cocamasana. Here you also have the option to trek on horses/ mules to take a small tour around this area. We went back to Cachora village where a vehicle was waiting for us to take us back to Cusco.At the end of our journey we were totally allured by Peru’s natural diversity of canyons and valleys. It actually seems like we were living in the Inca era while having this whole hiking experience.

This trip has inspired me and my husband so much that we have began to appreciate life as is. Peruvian history inspires you to find happiness in small things, be spiritual and live your life to the fullest without regrets.

Therefore, I urge you to make a trip to Peru. It is a must to travel to Peru at least once in your life time and experience these majestic view of sprawling mountains, valleys and rivers through your own eyes.

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