How we found Hector Lake Hiking Trail.

Hector Lake:

We found Hector Lake on our way Jasper National Park few hours away from Calgary. We did not look on the map and were enjoying Canadian Rockies around us. Along the way we found 6 cars parked on the side of the road, next to the forest. No drivers, no one around, just cars and that is it.

We stopped just next to other cars to look around for something interesting, and we found Hector Lake Hiking Trail!

It was yesterday on  Saturday, August 12th 2017.

Hector Lake Hiking Trail:

First thing we noticed was this sign saying, “Hector Lake Trail 150 meters that way”.  We decided to go and see where it would take us!

Hector Lake Trail

First thing that we have notices were wild flowers! The trail starts we many kinds of wild flowers. There were red, blue and yellow flowers all around the area leading from the parking lot.

Flower on Hector Lake Trail

Going down and down the forest, we knew that on our way back we would have to go up the hill! However it was fun, I tripped over a root and almost broke my shoe and almost kissed the mud on the ground, destructed looking around and talking. Good thing I did not fall down.  Finally we have reached the river!  The way to the Hector Lake is actually across the river, but there is also a way to get there by car from a different location.

We did not have any water, and had to drink from the river and in fact it was better then bottled water.

River Near Hector Lake Trail

Made this Video with my cellphone and tripod, of the river on the way to Hector Lake.

Finally we have reached the Hector Lake! It was like finding an oasis in the forest. It was hidden between the trees like a trophy of the day. We loved it!

Hector Lake Alberta

There were few people around the lake. Some were swimming on the boats, some were just having sunbath.


I could not just look at this lake without swimming! I used to be a professional swimmer at one time, here however without swimming for years, I just had to jump into the water.


Hiking Hector Lake Trail:

Hector Lake Hiking Trail is about 5 km round trip. Some elevation going down to the lake, not difficult however. A good hike for one day, easy and fast. Great hike to take your dog with you!

For family, you can just visit the lake and park on a parking lot next to it, without need to cross the river hiking.

Directions to Hector Lake in Alberta.

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