Our Three Pillars

Things that really matter to us.

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Travel & Tourism

We love to travel and are truly a diverse company! Besides offering most exciting tours and trips for our clients, we provide outstanding customer service. You will be in good hands and you will know that we truly care about you! Our goal is to work hard to help you enjoy your tours and to make every minute a memorable one.

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Sustainable Travel

Sustainability is one of our core priorities. We go by the policy of giving back to the nature, and trust in preserving our heritage. We believe that supporting the environment will improve our future lives and local communities around the world. Our decision making process is based on the environmental impact and our goal is to help local communities improve the environment.

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Mission & Values

Our Mission is to provide outstanding customer service and make your vacation awesome! Our goal is to be on top of the industry in employment opportunities and be the best in what we do. To build good relations with our partners, to provide the best customer experience, and create most amazing lifelong memories.

About Travel Rovers Inc.

We work hard to help you relax and enjoy every moment!

Our Company

Travel Rovers Inc. is family owned and Canadian operated company located in Calgary, Alberta. We are a young team of wanderlusts who not only seeks for adventures but also will go that extent to get the best pictures! Gotcha 😉

We have visited 4 continents and speak over 5 languages. We are proud to offer the best customer service and expertise in travel industry.

Travel Rovers Inc.

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People Power

Our Team is the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Amazing team work!!!

Our team fluently speaks English, Russian, Hindi, Ukrainian, Malayalam and more languages. We still trying to perfect some more like French and Spanish.

Our team members have university education in law, commerce, economics, MBA, PMP and more! We believe that education makes us professional, business oriented and humble at the same time.

Our goal is to have the best working environment and to offer you the best deals in the travel industry. Our team is available even after our office doors are closed, we are ready to assist you at any time of they day. We will ensure you to stay in touch when you are at your vacation to make sure everything was up to your expectations.

Travel Rovers take pride in the work we do. One of our goals is to maintain the highest level of quality and keep the dignity in services for years to come - just so that we that smiling face. Keep smiling 🙂

Customer Service
Availability after hours
Team Work
``Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” - J.K. Rowling
Eco Adventures

We offer natural adventure tours with use of renewable resources as you travel, we promote local communities and support family operated businesses in developing countries.

Green Tourism

We are always supporting our partners that offer green tours, we share their values and believe that having less emissions, recycling and  using sustainable energy sources will help our planet stay green.

Work with Locals

Supporting local family operated businesses and economy has helped us build good relationships and provide the best adventure experience to our clients. We are proud to work with locals and contribute to their community.

Travel Rovers Inc.

Travel Rovers Inc. is a registered corporation in Alberta, Canada since 2017. Fully licensed and operating family owned business, offering services locally and internationally.

Innovative Tours

The service industry is growing faster then many people realize, new innovative ways to have an adventure, new tour operators appear each year around the globe.  Our goal is to have the most up to date innovative tours available for you.

Sustainable Travel

We are continuously monitoring our tours to make sure that our tours do not negatively impact the local environment, economy or culture. Our goal is to support sustainability of our planet.

Adventure Turism

Adventure is what drives our company, our focus is on adventure tours! Seating in hotel and swimming in the pool is not as fun as going for a Safari, Scuba Diving or visiting The Lost City of ancient civilization!

Core Values

Integrity, Service, Excellence. Our goal is to be the best in what we do, providing outstanding service with honesty and strong moral principals.